Where are you based?
  • We are based in Manchester, United Kingdom

Do you ship outside of the United Kingdom?
  • Yes we ship to most countries ( Europe, United States, Canada, Australia and more)

How long does shipping take?
  • Shipping depends on destination country. All orders within the UK are shipped Royal Mail First Class which takes 3-5 business days on average.
  • Orders outside of the United Kingdom range from 6-12 business days.
  • A note for international customers: Occasionally overseas shipments will take a longer time due to the delivery country’s customs. Each customs office is different and Living Life Custom is not responsible for any extra fees or tariffs.

How much does shipping cost?
  • Currently we offer free shipping on all orders within the UK but that may change in 2020 due to increased shipping costs.
  • International orders (anything outside of the UK) have a flat fee of £9 ( $11.10 current rate as of 19/06/2020).

Do you offer free shipping for international orders?
  • Yes we do offer free international shipping for orders above £50.

How do I order custom shoes?
  • Orders for custom shoes can be made via email or by inquiring by filling out the form on our contact us page.

How long do custom orders take?
  • All custom shoe orders are made when requested/ordered and take roughly 7-14 days for completion, then it is dispatched.

What are vinyl stencils?
  • Vinyl Stencils are adhesive backed Oracal 651 sheets cut into various patterns that are used for airbrushing. They are preferred to re-usable stencils because they allow the user to get cleaner lines/ patterns.

Are vinyl stencils re-usable?
  • Unfortunately they are not re-usable and are meant for one time use. If using for making a custom for your client, ensure to include in the pricing.

Do the stencils come with transfer tape?
  • Yes, all vinyl stencil orders come with sufficient transfer tape rolls.

What is HTV?
  • HTV or heat transfer vinyl is a form of vinyl that is applied using heat. The adhesive is activated by the heat and fixes to the desired surface.

Do I need to paint with HTV?
  • No you do not need to paint or spray when using HTV. An iron / patch iron (clover) is needed to apply your HTV.

What call can I use HTV on?
  • HTV can be used on both fabric and leather.
  • Note: be careful when applying and not apply direct hear on your fabric/leather surface.

What is the difference between vinyl stencils and HTV?
  • Vinyl stencils are used as templates when painting/airbrushing for cleaner lines/patterns.
  • HTV or Heat Transfer Vinyl is used by applying heat to activate the adhesive onto a specified surface (fabric / leather) (no need to paint/spray).

If I have further questions, how do I contact you?
  • Best ways to contact us are via email (livinglifecustom@hotmail.com), through our Instagram page direct message (@livinglife_custom) or alternatively fill out our form on the contact us page. (response normally take 6-12 hours on business days).